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drawn by captainhumphrey

drawn by thegrimgirlreaper

Oh? You wanted a serious story? Okay, okay, pull up a chair kids, ‘cause Uncle Ricky has a good one for you.

Once upon a time there was a stupid cunt who had the roundest head in all the land called The Duke Of Oranges. The Duke wasn’t exactly the brightest, nor did he have any other acceptable trait going for him except his asinine ideas. But the King of Twonks had an affinity for listening to his idiotic stories, it pleased him to hear the ramblings of this bizarre lunatic.

That was until one day the bloody idiot drove the kingdom’s knights into madness with his spew of absolute shit that they then offed themselves. Infuriated, the King had the Manc twat executed for being such a stupid cunt.

The end.

drawn by 8bitbowtie